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Custom What?

Do you ever feel like you can never find the right mixture between your aesthetic value, functionality, and budget?  It sounds like a lot to ask for right?  Well it is, especially if you have a partner in crime and are trying to integrate both of your needs can sometimes feel daunting.  Not to discourage you, but if this is a challenge for you, you are not alone.  As my partner and I are slowly building the home we want to live in, we realized that we have to slowly curate this process to meet both of our needs and to create items that are truly functional, meet our budget, and is beautiful.  Together we have been able to create custom pieces of furniture that truly meets all of our needs.  As a designer I have the skills to draw up our crazy ideas and source vendors to create the items at an affordable price but if are not familiar with how the design world works, this can often feel like a daunting task.  I am here to hopefully help alleviate some of the pain and share some tips and tricks. 

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