San Diego Outdoor Oasis

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We are so excited to share our latest design project completed in San Diego, California.  The idea was to transform an unused backyard into a paradise oasis that can be utilized all year long.  Our clients wanted a cozy, serene space where they could drink their morning coffee, eat dinner after a long day at the office or relax at any moment with a good book.

Sustainability was just as important when selecting pieces for this outdoor space. For the primary furniture, we chose an all-weather wicker, as it will last all year long and hold up to the elements.  Since our client’s outdoor space already had so much beautiful and bright greenery, we didn’t want to overdo it with color. We chose to add a nice pop of color with the accent pillows and throw. These items can also be easily swapped out depending on seasonality. A neutral geometric rug helped ground the space and tie it all together.  The lighting was very important and really helped set the overall tone of the space. We wanted to ensure the space remain soft and cozy and was able to achieve this by using a variety of string lights, lanterns and candles.

As previously mentioned, the space already had so much natural greenery for us to play off, but adding some additional accent plants really helped tie it all together.  We used a combination of the bird of paradise, fern, palm, lavender and curcuma ginger to give some additional color and life to space. A little design tip for plants - make sure to do your research before going out and purchasing. It was important for our clients to have plants that were low maintenance and easy to care for, while also blending in and complimenting their outdoor space.

Our vision was to create a serene, comfortable space for our clients that they can use all year long, day or night and are so excited to show to finally show you the finished product!

Check out the product links near the bottom of the post to achieve your very own Outdoor Oasis.

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Ariel Richardson