Creating a Budget for your Home!

Talking about money is often one of hardest things for interior designers to get their clients to talk about but it is also one of the most important items to discuss when embarking on transforming your home.  Clients have a hard time disclosing what their budget is for as they do want to be taken advantage of or just have no idea how much to set aside.  Budgets are a vital piece of information for interior designer to know as it allows us to recommend services, furniture, and accessories that will fit within your overall budget and scope of work.  Without a budget there are no constraints and we may recommend items that exceed what you are willing to spend.   

I have created an excel spreadsheet that will help you envision what you should set aside to budget for your space.  The spreadsheet is broken down into rooms with basic items on it.  Go online to get estimated pricing from retailers that you love.  For example, I can go to west elm and see that their sofas range from $1000.00 - $5000.00 based on style and size, we can estimate that a sofa might average out to $2500.00. Fill out the excel spread sheet accordingly based on the needs of your space and style.

As each project is unique there is no one answer for all.  But this will get you on the right track to setting aside the appropriate funds.  This budget also does not include the costs of contractors as pricing varies based on location and project scope of work.  We always recommend getting 3 quotes and asking a lot of questions to help narrow down your final selection.