The Future of Co-Working


As you may know, we are in the final stages on completing a joint venture for The Port Workspaces. Working alongside the owners of The Port, Michael Carilli and Joel Pool, has been quite an adventure.  With a team of designers and fabricators we were able to make their vision a reality and create a unique space to work and mingle.  We often get the question what is a co-working space, therefor we felt it prudent to share with you the technical answer along with a few reasons why Co-working spaces are so great. Facilities such as The Port are changing the future of the work environment which is growing more important as lease spaces are getting smaller and rents are getting higher.

What is Co-Working?


“The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.”


  • Culture of collaboration

  • Community

  • The functionality of space

  • Flexibility

  • Meeting Space

  • Events

  • Location, Location, Location 

  • Amenities

  • Security and Access

  • Affordability

  • Networking


The Port

Founded in 2012, The Port Workspaces is Oakland’s largest co-working and shared office community. With approximately 500 members working in three locations in Oakland’s Jack London and Uptown districts, The Port offers a wide range of flexible options for a variety of entrepreneurs, ”solopreneurs”,  tech startups, artists, chefs and other professionals. The Port reinvents beautiful old spaces to bring new flexibility, resources and community to today’s pioneers.


Interior Design Firm: ASR Design Studio

Architecture + Custom Furniture: Because We Can

Murals (1st floor Kitchen and 3rd Floor Birds:  Amber Iwata

Mural (1st Floor Main Mural): Sean Griffin

Color Specialist: Wade Hine

Commercial Kitchen (3rd Floor):  Mark Dessert