Practical, Classical, or Luxe?

ASR is sharing some of their favorite items for the ultimate gift giving this season!


Cacti Painting:

Wanting to bring more nature into your home? Laura Janes specializes in capturing the essence of nature while bringing it to life on canvas. Check out her website to find a painting that speaks to you. She also creates custom one of a kind paintings to fit perfectly in your home or a loved ones home.

Location: Portland, OR

Terra Soy Candle:

Looking for a candle that not only will last but will fill your home with beatiful scents this holiday season? This all-natural candle is designed for reuse as a planter, making this the perfect 2-for-1 item for your home. With 5 botanical scents to choose from you are bound to find one that calls your name.

Location: Los Angles, CA

Reclaimed Wood Cheese Board:

Bring the Pacific Northwest style to your table today! These beauties are handmade with reclaimed Doug Fir and each board is a one of a kind.

Location: Portland, OR

Cerulean Blue Cup:

This hand thrown stoneware cup looks too beautiful to use for anything other than displaying its beauty, but it is actually intended for daily use. Drink tea, coffee, or wine from it or use it to showcase your favorite small plant or pen collection. Each Wolf Ceramics piece is handmade and varies slightly, so you know you are receiving a one of a kind treasure.

Location: Portland, OR

Classic Robe:

Parachute is one of my all times favorites for bedding and luxury items. This bathrobe is the ultimate relaxation wear during the holiday season. Nothing beats the being wrapped up in a luxurious warm robe while sipping your coffee on a cold morning.

Location: Portland, OR

Cacao Drink Chocolate Gift:

Nothing pairs better with cold winter weather than chocolate! Give this ultimate chocolate gift set to your favorite chocolate connoisseur. This set includes cacao premium drinking chocolate and cacao 100% pure dark chocolate indulgent enough to please even your cheekiest friend.

Location: Portland, OR

Eco-Wise Wool Blanket:

This sustainably made machine washable wool blanket is sure to become your new favorite throw. It is made of colorfast wool guaranteed not to shrink, pill, or fade and sourced from naturally renewable wool. Order in 10 different shades with the option for monogramming or embroidering your new cozy, eco-friendly blanket.

Location: Portland, OR

Remy Wines:

The best thing about wine is that it’s great for every season and always seems classy even when you’re using it to drown out the day’s stresses. The best thing about Remy wines is that they are Old World Style wines made from elegant, nontraditional grape varieties grown in the Pacific Northwest. Easily order online and choose from Three Wives Wines for delicious every day drinking varieties or Remy’s wines which vary with vintage but never waver in quality.

Location: Dayton, OR

Classic Cribbage Board:

This well-crafted classic cribbage board is perfect for cozy nights by the fire. It’s made from sustainably harvested maple hardwood in Vermont. Put down your phone and enjoy a simple game with a friend or family member.

Location: Portland, OR