Cozy Up

We are starting a new series of blogs.  Every Thursday be on the lookout for a curated vignette of shop-able items that we are in love with!  

P.F. Candle Co.

If you have never had the chance the smell one of their soy candles, boy are you missing out!  I have one in every single room of the house.  They come in a variety of intoxicating scents and will last a good 20-25 hours.  P.F. Candle Co. is an artisanal candle company based in downtown Los Angeles, run by a husband and wife team focused on creating high-quality, small batch soy candles.

Find it here

Bosc Duffle Sofa

I am a hard core Anthropologie advocate, their unique collection of clothing, home goods, and furniture is stellar.  You might not want to buy everything from them as you will leave broke but finding those key accent pieces to create a curated look in your space in worth every penny.  The Bosc Duffle Sofa caught my eye as it is comfortable and beautiful.  The detailing of the sofa, though minimal goes a long way in giving the sofa custom tailored look.  

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Tabouret Solvay

When I saw this table I knew it was a perfect pairing with the Bosc Duffle Sofa as they both have accent pieces that tie together the overall piece of the furniture.  The leather strap of the sofa tying together the cushions and the black sheet metal connecting the wood legs of the accent table.  This piece is made of Solid Oak and can be used as an accent table or a stool for extra seating. The details are what make these two pieces stunning.  

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Color Block Throw Blanket  

This color block throw blanket not only picks up on the hues of the pink sofa but also the metal detaining on the accent table.  This cotton Jacquard knit is perfect for that additional warmth needed when getting cozy on your sofa to watch some tv and unwind at the end of the day. 

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