Going touch-less where it matters most!

Kohler Sensate Faucet.jpg

With flu season in full force, you may be looking for ways to prevent the spread of germs in your home. One easy change you can make is going touchless! Going touchless in both your kitchen and bathroom can help stop the spread of germs throughout your home and from one family member to another.

Research tells us that our kitchens are often the germiest place in the house, even more so than our bathrooms. Germs can spread easily during food prep simply through your kitchen faucet. Most of us are likely not sanitizing our kitchen faucets daily, so the germs you deposit while cleaning up during food prep are likely staying on your faucet and continuing to spread to the rest of your kitchen and household.

To fix this problem, install a touchless faucet like the Kohler Sensate touchless faucet. This will allow you to turn water on and off with a simple sensor and prevent you from ever having to actually touch your faucet with dirty hands. Think about how many times you wash or rinse your hands during the prep for one meal. And despite how careful you may be when handling raw eggs or meat and then turning on your faucet to wash your hands, it is highly likely you are transferring some germs. Then the next time you touch your faucet, you are re-contaminating your hands. This is further spread when others use your kitchen faucet as well.

Make the kitchen clean up process even cleaner by using a touchless soap dispenser as well, like the Simple Human soap dispenser. Then your hand washing experience can be entirely touchless.

Touchless saves you time as well. Sure, it’s only a few seconds saved in not having to pump your soap dispenser or turn the faucet on and off, but your time is valuable and seconds add up over time.

Take the touchless revolution to your bathroom. Install a toilet that flushes hands free. Try the San Sourci toilet, which has a special sensor that will flush your toilet with a simple wave of the hand. The less anyone has to touch in the bathroom, the better. Flush handles are guaranteed to be teeming with germs, so save yourself from the possibility of spreading these germs, and install a toilet with a touchless flush. Your family members and guests will thank you as well.