Making a statement with your front door


Your front door is the first thing visitors notice about your home. An easy way to quickly add maximum curb appeal is to paint your front door.


Most homes are designed in neutral colors, so adding in a pop of color for your front door makes a bold statement. It’s like an instant facelift for your home.  Changing up the look of your front door is also a great way to let your personality shine through in your home’s decor.


Go bold with a vivid accent color. Bright colors like yellows, reds, and orange add warmth to your home’s exterior and mix well when paired with the usual neutral primary color of your home. These bright, warm tones add a quick burst of color to your home and create a strong first impression.


If hot, bright colors aren’t your style, consider a cool tone for your front door like a green, blue, or shade of gray. These colors offer an elegant expression for your front door and pair well with the undertones in your home’s architecture. Take note of the colors used in your home’s roof, siding, and other architectural features. Try selecting a cool tone that will accent these undertones while also providing fresh color. Play off the colors in your landscaping by selecting a fresh shade of green or choose a color that pops against your outdoor plants.


Another way to select your new front door paint color is to choose a color that will offer continuity into your home. Consider what visitors notice first when you open your front door, and choose a color that will continue your interior color scheme perhaps in a varying shade. Or choose an accent color that will pair well with your interior shade.


When trying to decide on the best shade for your front door, tape a few different color swatches to your front door. The way the color looks outside in bright sunlight is much different from the way it looks inside your home. Place the color in its environment to make the best choice.


It’s hard to go wrong with a front door update. Whatever color you choose, it’s sure to refresh the beauty of your home’s exterior.