Our Top 10 faves

Our Top 10 faves:

Here are some of the things we have been crushing over in the past month, we hope that you will love them as much as we do!

Parachute Bedding

Parachute bedding offers luxury style bedding at an affordable price. Parachute passes on savings directly to its customers by eliminating fancy showrooms and salespeople and selling bedding online to customers. Parachute bedding is made from long staple cotton and dyed in an eco-friendly manner. It is designed in the US but uniquely crafted in Tuscany by professionals who have been creating premium bedding for over 60 years.

Another unique feature of Parachute bedding is that the company offers bedding sets without a top sheet, something usually only seen in Europe.


Amazon Show

The new Amazon Echo Show is the first Echo model which includes a touchscreen. Amazon’s Echo with Alexa brings a digital assistant into your home, and the touchscreen feature allows even greater usability. The touchscreen allows you to easily glance at controls and make changes with the swipe of a finger. While you can continue communicating with Alexa via voice recognition, the process is much easier and clearer when Alexa can also show you things. Your calendar, to-do list, the weather forecast, and so much more can quickly be shown to you on the new touchscreen option.


Simple Human - Rectangular Sensor Can with Recycling

Simple Human sensor trash cans open easily and quickly with a simple wave of the hand. This makes clean up simpler and allows you to clean up large messes with both hands and not get your trash can dirty in the process. The dual-bucket container allows you to easily separate your trash and recyclables. Save time and energy in sorting by simply placing your trash and recyclables in their separate compartments. The fingerprintless stainless steel exterior makes this a classically beautiful addition to any home.


Simple Human - Rechargeable sensor pump

The Simple Human rechargeable sensor pump creates a smoother, cleaner hand washing experience. The sensor dispenses soap in .2 seconds handsfree preventing germs from spreading to your dispenser and throughout your home. The surface is fingerprint free to keep the product looking great wherever you use it in your home. The pump is smart enough to dispense more or less soap based on the distance of your hand from the sensor, so you can control the amount of soap you are using and never waste any product. The pump recharges easily using a plug on the back, and one charge lasts up to 3 months.


Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain is created in Venice, California based on the 400 year old tradition of Hasami pottery in Japan. Hasami porcelain has a unique texture, making it a little firmer and sharper than traditional porcelain. This gives it a more organic feel and a very comfortable user experience. Hasami porcelain follows the simple, straight lines of Japanese aesthetics. One unique feature is that all Hasami porcelain products are created with the same diameter, making various items such as bowls, mugs, and trays easy to stack and transport. Items are also multi-functional, beautiful, and will serve your home well.


Lima Alpaca Throw from Crate and Barrel

The grey Lima Alpaca throw will feel indulgent on your skin, as premium alpaca wool is known for being considerably softer than even the finest lambswool. Alpaca is also warmer and less likely to pill than wool. The unique fabric absorbs color well and will be a beautiful, rich addition to your home. A finely spun fringe finishes the edge of the throw to give it a sophisticated flair.


Roundabout decanter and glassware

This unique roundabout decanter is always tipsy. Its wide base twirls on a center point making it both functional and beautiful. This handmade glass decanter will not only hold your favorite wine but create conversation at your next cocktail party. Pair it with matching roundabout glasses.

Hecks Ottoman with Tray

Make your ottoman work double for you and create a smooth, stable work surface with this Hecks Ottoman with tray. Keep the function of an ottoman while also creating a secure and spill-friendly surface with this unique tray top. The powder-coated steel tray fits snugly to the top of your Hecks Ottoman to easily transform your ottoman to a work surface.

Striated Stoneware Tall Lamp with Jute Shade

The striated stoneware lamp would make a beautiful addition to any home. It is taller than many lamps at 29.5 inches tall, with a diameter of 12 inches, making it perfect for large rooms. Its simple jute shade blends easily with both warm and cool tones and the lovely cool blue shade of the stoneware makes it a simple accessory.


Glenview Lounge Chair

The Glenview lounge chair is both simple and stunning. Crafted from solid walnut, the chair slants at just the perfect angle to create the most comfortable seat in your home. You can fully customize the fabric, choosing from a wide selection of premium fabrics at Influent Home or even sending in your own personal fabric. Influent Home will cover the chair for you in your personal fabric to create a unique chair just for you.