Vibrant and Modern Dining

We love entertaining and are always looking for ways to spruce up the dining room.  Here are a couple ways to add some color and life into your dining room!

Blush Abstract Table Runner

Want to add some color or texture to your dining room table, what better way to do it then with a table runner.  You can easily change up style by switching out your table runners depending upon the season or event!  I love this table runner from Gilt as it is vibrant and full of life. 

Find it here

Smoke Glass Jug Vase

What better way to add some life into your space with these modern glass vases.  I love the simplicity of them as they will go with almost any style.  The muted color of the vase really lets the colors of the flowers and leaves to shine!  When adding vases or decorative items to your space always remember odd numbers looked the best when grouped together.

Find it here

Hasami Dinnerware

If you follow me at all on Instagram, you know that I am in love with Hasami Dinnerware.  Not only is it elegant and beautiful, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.  They come in a couple of neutral colors, so you are bound to find a set that will look amazing in your home.  

Find it here

Vince Dining Table

Dining Tables are so important as they brings friends and family together to celebrate life or just a place to eat your dinner.  No matter if your looking for a table for your family or a place to entertain make sure that each chairs gets s 24"-30" clearance for the person to eat comfortably.  This table is stunning, I love the simplicity of the top with V-shaped legs which extenuate the modern style.       

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