online Interior Design

We delight in having design-savvy clients near and far, and are happy to offer online design packages as a resource for those who like to flex their own design muscles, but want or need professional guidance.  Clients will receive a complete and tailored design, beautifully packaged, and ready to be implemented on their own schedule. 



STEP 1 · Design Consultation

STEP 2 · Sign Contract + Purchase Design Package

STEP 3 · Send in: site measurements + photos



STEP 4 · Design & Documentation: floor plans + sourcing goods 

STEP 5 · First Look: presentation of estimates, furnishings and materials

STEP 6 · Final Look: presentation of estimates, furnishings and materials



STEP 7 · Final Design + Purchasing Packet sent to you

STEP 8 · You can start ordering and executing the design 

STEP 9 · Relax and Enjoy your newly designed space

STEP 10 · Local Photographer sent over to capture the magic

Investment: Starting at $499/room

*A proposal will be provided after our initial consultation and will depend on the scope of the project.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels fall under Full Service Interior Design and are not included in Online Interior Design Packages

So are you ready?