Professional Interior Design, customized for you, all online.

"Our home was transformed!  Ariel was able to understand our concerns with how we live our daily lives which can be quite chaotic with two kids, two dogs, and a cat.  She was able to guide us in re-arranging our existing furniture, art/photographs, and collectibles as well as provide guidance on a few key items to purchase to complete our home." - Christopher Bullard


Who is online interior design right for?

Online Interior Design is for the client who needs help furnishing their home or a room and layering in accessories to tie it all together, but is willing to gather information and do their own purchasing. This service gives you the tools and resources needed to execute excellent design from wherever you are.

If your home is undergoing construction, a gut renovation, or requires meetings with architects and contractors, you’re a full service client.  Not local to the Portland area? Contact us, as we work out of town on a case-by-case basis. 

How does online interior design work?

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The same team of experienced designers who work on full-service projects also work on online projects.

That means you get the full-team experience and the same level of attention and detail as full-service clients, within a two-four week time frame (Depending on your scope of work).

After purchasing your design package, you’ll receive an email with clear instructions on how to get started. These steps include:

  • Sharing your Pinterest Board with Inspiration Images
  • Filling out our design questionnaire
  • Measuring your home using our measuring guide
  • Taking photos of the space and any furniture items you wish to keep


Once we receive your items, our designers begin working on your floor plan and elevation, so you will know exactly where to place every item. The team then selects furnishings for you based on your design questionnaire, desires, style, and budget.

After the heavy-duty design work is completed, you will receive a clear and comprehensive design package that shows you exactly how to tie it all together. You choose the pace at which you purchase and update your space. Our design package includes:

  • A floor plan
  • A key elevation
  • Mood Board showing furniture and accessories for each space
  • A customized shopping list
  • Suggestions for art placement or how to make a great bed

Step 1: Choose Your Room

With online design, each room costs $500.
Have an open plan or multi-functional space? Email us to get a customized quote.

Step 2: Choose Your Furniture Budget

This budget will influence our shopping list for your project. Sources may include, but are not limited to, the retailers listed below.

The actual purchasing is in your hands, on your timeline.


Step 3: Add to Cart

Ready to purchase?



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