ASR Design Studio is an incredible design firm that delivers beautiful work while being client focused. Ariel has an amazing eye for design and can see the big picture while giving each space is own unique touch. View Project.

Michael Carilli

Oakland, CA

Working with Ariel on the complete renovation of our home was truly a pleasure and we could not be happier with the end result.  Ariel excels at leading clients through a smooth process from initial concept through installation.  Her enthusiasm, excellent communication and responsiveness, conscientious attention to budget constraints and willingness to conduct broad research to find the best solutions yielded excellent outcomes.  (For example, she scoured the market to source beautiful stone for us that achieved the dramatic and timeless quality we were seeking, and worked in detail with the contractor to ensure optimal installation.)    Ariel does not impose her vision on her clients, but rather comes to understand their preferences and priorities to deliver a final product that beautifully reflects them. 

Deborah Boyer

Oakland, CA

Our home was transformed!  Ariel was able to understand our concerns with how we live our daily lives which can be quite chaotic with two kids, two dogs, and a cat. She was able to guide us in re-arranging our existing furniture, art/photographs, and collectibles as well as provide guidance on a few key items to purchase to complete our home.

Christopher Bullard

Portland, Or