EMILY KYLE, Lush Interior Design

I found Ariel through IVY Facebook Page, and I chose to work with her because she is experienced, communicative, and thorough.  Ariel is Professional, organized, efficient and takes direction very well. Ariel helped with me some commercial test fits, design development drawings, elevations, sections, construction documents, and renderings.  We are currently working on developing my standard commercial CD template for future use. I would recommend anyone any Interior Designer to Ariel that needs another set of hands. She is efficient and approaches approaches each project with clarity and creativity.  Ariel has a relaxed vibe that helps remind me that everything will get done and I'm in good hands.



ITOHAN ELLIS, Red Orchid Designs

I found Ariel through IVY Resources page, and I chose to work with her because out the number of other designers I reached out to I only got a 50% response, and of those that did respond, Ariel was the quickest, most courteous and enthusiastic - which is always a tick in the box for me.  I ended up "interviewing" Ariel and one other - and there was no question that I'd be working with Ariel...she clearly knew her stuff, was personable, seemed flexible, and basically "got it". Ariel is Professional, organized,and motivated.  I appreciated her questions and checking in on the detail of my requests and her patience! Ariel enhanced a Canvas 3D Model of my clients home as well as created custom 3D furniture to match the furniture that I specified for the space. I would recommend anyone to Ariel Any Interior Designer or Design Firm who needs an extra set of design eyes and skills.



MICHELE ONO, Michele Ono Designs

I found Ariel through the referral program on IVY.  I was immediately drawn to her website, list of services and sense of design.  Ariel’s services matched what I was needing to fill in the holes in my business as I do not have any employees.  Ariel is a breath of fresh air-a talented breath of fresh air. She has the talent and can do attitude that makes working with her easy and comfortable.  More importantly, she does an an job at completing tasks on time, using good judgement with design decisions and suggestions bring her own professional expertise to my projects.  Her 3D renderings of a kitchen and bath area were what sold my client on the project. Ariel’s knowledge of scheduling software and project management tools is new to me but has been a blessing as I am always learning new ways to streamline communication in the most efficient way possible.  I would recommend Ariel to anyone who needs extra help on their projects. She is the extra employee behind the scenes so I can be in front of my clients more often.